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How to Quickly and Easily Choose a Baby Stroller

Selecting equipment of any kind for your child can be an overwhelming process. You want to make sure it is cost-effective, safe, and will serve the intended purpose as efficiently as possible. When it comes to baby strollers, this may seem impossible! The number of designs and options are endless.

Baby Stage

One thing to consider when selecting a baby stroller is what stage of life you want the stroller to be for. If you want one that will last from infancy through the toddler years, you will want to look at options that can grow along with your child. These strollers typically convert as the child grows and will be considerably more expensive than other strollers on the market. Many of them include a seat that doubles as a care safety seat that can be used rear facing and may even have a second one or expansion options that can be used foward facing once the child is big enough.


Strollers that will be used for exercising with a child should be specially purchased with this in mind. Jogging strollers are not easily tipped and typically have two wheels in the back and one in the front for ease of manuevering the stroller on the go. They even have special shock absorbing systems to help keep the ride smooth and enjoyable for your child.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want the stroller to stay balanced if you need to hang something on the handle. Many strollers are lightweight and do not handle this well. If it is something you think you may do, consider a stroller that is designed for your intended use.


Perhaps one of the most important considerations when looking at a new stroller is portability. The more features a stroller offers the larger, heavier, and difficult to transport they tend to be. If you want one that is easy to carry when not in use, you will want to look at lightweight models. These are good choices for vacations when your child may want to walk or be carried part of the time but when you may still desire a stroller as well. Larger strollers may offer more space for carrying additional items and a more comfortable ride for the child if they will be in it for an extended period of time.

Be sure to look at how the stroller folds down and opens back up. Many of them are complicated and can be frustrating when in a hurry or dealing with an unhappy child. The easier the stroller is to use and fold down, the more likely you will actually use it and benefit from it. More extravagant is not always better when it comes to dealing with strollers.

Many people will find having two stroller options is best. One that is very lightweight and easy to use is great for most day to day purposes. However, fancier strollers with comfort and extra safety features are often more useful for long days when the stroller will be in use.